April has passed, the hottest, driest on record.  The grass is turning brown and the vegetables need constant watering.  Worms are scarse for the poor Blackbird on her second brood.  The chickens eat the currants first.

We are grateful for our 5000 litre water tank, installed 5 years back.  This collects much needed rainwater from the roof. The bees are drinking constantly from the birdbath.  I always keep this full.

Our large wych elm is shedding millions of seeds each day, making us marvel at natures ability to reproduce.

Needing to learn much about Permaculture, I've been engrossed in Patrick Crawfords wonderful book on Creating a Forest garden.

Daily we have been experimenting with unexplored food on our doorstep.  I never knew that young sedum leaves were edible or that the buds of day lillies were delicious.  That young solomans seal shoots cut at 8-12 inches(discarding top leaf clustre) have a wonderful sweet flavour, when cooked. I never knew that hosta shoots were edible....If the slugs don't get there first.  I've been learning about natural dyes, plants for soap and fine twine from vinca. There is such a lot to learn and so much we have all forgotten or taken for granted in our easy, food accessible, consumer ridden lives. This is all so exciting and fills me with hope for the future.




  • Blessing for Earth-Healers Blessing for Earth-Healers
    Meditations - First wednesday of every month at 2pm at Jane's (Millegens) - with cake and tea afterwards   We met on the 7th November (10+ of us). This was the blessing for Earth Healers read out before...
    Bob Hodgson
    10 November 2012
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    Here are the latest books obtained for the Little Library: The Song of the Earth by Maddy Harland & William Keepin - A synthesis of the scientific & spirtual worldviews. People & Permaculture by Looby...
    Super User
    04 September 2012
  • Poem Poem
    The Good Lord is not to blame For the rain and the wet If we care about the bear And the loss of the bees The floods and hurricanes The death of trees We would wake up and know That...
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    24 August 2012
  • Sustainable Growth Sustainable Growth
    Here is a very well writtten blog by Charles Eisenstein on the contradiction that is inherent in sustainable growth.   http://charleseisenstein.net/category/news/   ps...
    Bob Hodgson
    27 June 2012
  • Positive News June 2012 Positive News June 2012
    So many good articles in this month's issue. What I like is the free resouces on the web - eg the documentatry made by Postive Money called 97% which looks at the crazy money system that we have. http://www.positivemoney.org.uk/97percent-owned-documentary/   Also...
    Bob Hodgson
    02 June 2012
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