It's time for a fresh, spring blog.  This blogger has had “Blogstipation” for a while, but now is the time for a new look and fresh news with Bits and Pieces from CVT.

We started our year with a very inspirational AGM.  Who would imagine an AGM could be inspirational?   We called it our “Animated Glorious Mixing!” Many came, bearing food and we had a party whilst we elected new members and discussed future events.

Our exciting March event is a visit by Matt Harvey  (Totnes's Transition poet in residence) who will stir us up and make us laugh and think with his wit and wisdom. As you will note from the calender, he is coming to Alfriston at the end of this month

Next, we have the imminent arrival of spring.  The Forsthyia is in bloom and daffodills are coming up.  The Bluetits are already inspecting their nest box, and the Hellebores are looking beautiful. Dusty pinks, wine red, cream and green.  The honey bees  love them and are out for a visit despite the bitter wind.

We are due a cheque from Ecotricity for £1303, for electricity generated by our PV cells installed last February.  This amount covers the period from April to November.  Our new windows, installed last summer have made a huge difference to the temperature of the house this below.

Chickens are giving us two eggs a day.  Only two chickens now.  Sadly one down to Mr Fox on Christmas eve.  Another blog soon.




  • Blessing for Earth-Healers Blessing for Earth-Healers
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    Bob Hodgson
    10 November 2012
  • New Books for Book List
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    Super User
    04 September 2012
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    Bob Hodgson
    02 June 2012
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