The first full year of the generous feedin tariff ended on Mar 31st.

Our 16 x 215W Sanyo panels generated 3650kWh in the year - worth £1496 at 41p, plus £54 of 'deemed export' at 1.5p. The commissioning certificate estimates the annual output at 2867kWh, so maybe 2010 was a good year. Incidently, the PV cells are rated at 3440W but the maximum output from the inverter is limited to about 2700W.

We actually consumed 3717kWh at normal rate and 10922kWh at the low rate (the latter figure is almost entirely the consumption of our electric Aga). So our carbon footprint, in respect of electricity consumption, is reduced by about a quarter.

However, the revenue look as though it will just about cover our electricity bill from Ecotricity. This is because the feedin tariff is so much greater than the purchase price.

The installation was made by Southern Solar Ltd and cost £22K. If we get £1500 back annually for 20 years, the investment doesn't look too bad - but we need to reduce that carbon footprint further!


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