The Core group

This is the new Transition book - which covers the activities of the core group - just click on it.



The Energy group

The Energy Group is working to develop awareness and provide information and guidance to assist people to understand energy efficiency and small scale renewable energy. Transition works in cooperation with existing local groups wherever possible.


At present our focus is to provide:

  • Information on technology, solar, PV, and heat pumps

  • Details of grants and how to access them

  • List local suppliers and contractors of renewable energy technology

  • Contact details for local people who have already installed appropriate technology

  • Initiatives to promote energy saving ‘watt-wattchers’

  • Attendance at local events and to hold an Energy Day


The Group has many ideas and we are always looking for new members. Everyone welcome – come and join us!



The Heart and Soul Group

heart  soul graphics

Living in such a beautiful landscape, the focus of our Group has been on renewing our connection to Nature and celebrating the seasons, using the Celtic calendar as our inspiration.

The world is undergoing a global transformation.  Huge shifts are taking place and we are each part of that, as we move from a consciousness of seeing ourselves separate and often isolated, to one of being connected and part of one living being, the Earth.  In our Heart and Soul Gatherings we are reconnecting to the light within us, our unique essence and asking ourselves what wants to be lived through each of us.

We gather together around a celebratory fire, share food, words of wisdom, poetry, music and song.  Meditation in nature, drawing and painting the trees, dance and movement are some of the planned activities to come.

If you have a desire to be part of something new that is growing in our beautiful Cuckmere Valley and wish to reconnect to that part of yourself that nurtures, sustains and gives life meaning

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