Welcome to Cuckmere Valley Transition

Local solutions to global problems.


Who are we?

We are a group of local folk from The Cuckmere Valley in East Sussex, excited by the ideas and actions arising from Transition Initiatives world wide.


What do we do

Our aim is to find inspirational and accessible ways of increasing resilience amongst our community, in the face of Climate Change and Cheap Oil.


Much has been achieved

  • We have raised awareness in the valley by holding many film shows and open space activities to gather ideas.
  • We take part in the local festival with many “Transition” activities and much helpful information.
  • Many of us are in the process of retro-fitting our houses with energy saving materials


We have had clothes swap shops, planted trees, celebrated the changing seasons, with local food and cheer.

We distribute Positive News.

We helped the local school to design a beautiful cloth bag.

We have our own logo.

Community allotments are being re-planted and re-planned

A Transition library is being compiled with Books and DVD's on loan.

We hold CVT meetings every fourth Thursday of the month.


We need to do more, much more. Petrol prices continue to rise. The climate becomes increasingly erratic world wide. There is so much we can do. Together we can achieve so much. We need your ideas and input.


“Individually we are one drop...Together we become an ocean”_Ryunosuke Satoro


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Main Transition Web sites: http://transitionnetwork.org/

Transition Voice: http://transitionvoice.com/

Transition Culture: http://transitionculture.org/

Skills Cafe - March 21st

Ever wanted to find out how to repair a flint wall, or keep bees? Fancy having a go at foraging, upholstery or hearing about local wildlife walks? At the first ever Cuckmere Valley Skills Café, you can!

This new all-day event is being organised by Cuckmere Valley Transition, a lively discussion and activity group for people who are interested in nature, local heritage, sustainable living and building a greater sense of community within the Alfriston and Cuckmere Valley area.

The Skills Café will take place at Alfriston's Chapel Centre and War Memorial Hall from 10am to 4pm on Saturday 21 March. All are welcome and entrance is free.

"At last year's Alfriston Festival, we polled visitors about what our first major project for 2015 should be", says CVT member Vanessa Bristow-Rose. "Our idea of setting up a skill-sharing event really caught people's imagination - it got by far the most votes. There will be talks, stands and demos from people who are passionate about traditional and modern crafts and skills, either as a way to make a living or as something to learn for fun."

"There's a rich tradition of craftsmanship in this area", says CVT Chair, Crichton Casbon. "We hope that the Skills Café will bring together a wide mix of people from our vibrant community to share knowledge and ideas. Everyone who comes along can expect to have fun, be inspired and perhaps find some new things to get involved with."

Cuckmere Valley Transition members come from many different backgrounds and age groups. They meet regularly for events covering a variety of topics, from organic gardening, healthy eating and meditation to renewable energy and upcycling. For further details, visit www.cuckmerevalleytransition.org.uk or contact Vanessa Bristow-Rose, tel 01323 870545.

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